ATLAS.ti 7

ATLAS.ti 7 now gives you detailed access and a frame-level preview of video files. For each multimedia file you get full frame-by-frame preview and a zoomable display of the audio wave form. Navigation is highly precise. Videos can be displayed in the main program window, or flown out in a separate window for optimal viewing and use of the work area.

Most importantly, audio and video now share ATLAS.tis central metaphor for presenting and working with content: the margin area. Text, PDF, images, audio, video all utilize the same powerful workspace, arguably the most natural "work environment" for the qualitative researcher.

Multimedia quotations can be treated exactly like text passages: They have a full-fledged margin area for coding, linking and commenting. Codes are displayed where you would expect them, right next to the quotation segment.

Simplified entry of code labels : An additional field opens automatically to enter multiple codes if desired.

Multi Document View
You can now load up to four documents into the new HU editor document regions for simultaneous viewing.
Automatically load corresponding documents (such as transcripts) in parallel next to one another and display them in sync.

Managed Documents
ATLAS.ti 7 provides fast, flexible and secure document management through Managed Documents. This powerful new concept ensures referential and content integrity to make users' life easier.
You now have a choice if you want to keep your project files stored in their original location (as before) or if you want ALAS.ti to handle all document management tasks for you, safely and securely. The managed document concept also includes a "public library" that contains shared material for collaborative work.

Metadata Exploitation
If your document contains internal metadata, ATLAS.ti extracts them automatically and uses them appropriately by creating families or comments for your objects.

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